General Information

Student Guidelines

-Students will adhere to the terms of the Chambers Public School Acceptable Use Policy and District guidelines each time the laptop is used at home or at school.
-Students will make the laptop available for inspection by an administrator or other staff member upon request.
-Parents, guardians, and students do not have a right or expectation of privacy for any use of a laptop, computer, or district network.

Care and Maintenance

-Charge batteries at home. Failure to charge the laptop is equivaloaned to not being prepared for class.
-Bring laptops to school every day.
-Do not leave laptops unattended in school or outside of school.
-Do not leave laptops in vehicles.
-Keep laptop in case at all times while not being used.
-Avoid eating and drinking near your laptop.
-Clean with a soft cloth. Do not spray anything directly on the laptop.
-Report all problems and repairs to a member of the Cool Crew.
-Do not stack anything on top of your laptop.
-Report loss or theft within 24 hours to parents, school, and proper authorities.

Laptop Usage

-The purpose of the laptop is for educational use.
-Inappropriate media may not be used as a screen saver or background on your laptop.
-Users will abide by copyright laws.
-Users will not download or attempt to install any programs or files from the Internet or other sources.
-Users will not change or attempt to change the configuration of, install, or remove software or hardware.
-Students must keep log-in and password private.
-Students will be required to log out of the computer at the end of the school day, and log in to the computer at the beginning of the school day.
-Students will not give out personal information such as name, address, photo, or other identifying information online.
-Students will regularly back up files to CD-Rs or to the server.
-Students will use appropriate language while communicating on the computer.
-Students will use only assigned e-mails for academic communication between students and faculty.
-Laptops should not be taken to school activities unless approved by activity sponsor and a member of the Cool Crew.
-Users will follow the MacBook Care and Handling booklet at all times.
-Students should never swap or share computers.
-Students should never swap or share power cords.
-Students will be responsible for syncing their computers to the server on a daily basis.
-Students will be allowed only to sync Documents. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.
-Each student is responsible for any repairs that are not covered by insurance.

Internet Connection

Students are NOT required to have an Internet connection at home.

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