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How much does each student have to pay for his/her laptop?

A $30 insurance policy will be required before laptop checkout. This money will go into a pool to pay for insurance as well as deductibles on claims not covered by Apple Care. While we reserve the right to charge more for intentional or malicious damage or theft, we don't anticipate any student being financially burdened by any costs associated with this initiative.

What if a student's laptop is stolen?

The student and his/her family must file a police report within 24 hours of the theft. The student must also notify a member of the Cool Crew immediately.

What happens if the laptop stops working?

AppleCare is the name of Apple's Protection Plan and our lease includes this service for the entire four years. Most often laptops will have to be mailed in to AppleCare and should be returned to us in working condition or replaced within a week or two. Loaner laptops will be available for students while theirs is being repaired, and they will be able to access their files and documents from the server to use with the loaner laptop. Loaner laptops are available on a first come first serve basis, however one may not be available at all times. You will need to fill out a Repair Form and return to Mrs. Dexter with your laptop.

Can students swap power cords and batteries?

Although technically possible, this is not recommended. Every battery and power cord is labeled with the ID number of the laptop that it belongs to. Students need to be responsible for their own equipment. At the end of the year, students will be responsible for returning the same laptop, power cord, and battery that was checked out to them.

Can students carry their MacBooks in their own cases or backpacks?

Students must carry their MacBooks in the school-issued case only. This is the only way we can ensure adequate protection . . . especially to the display (screen), the most fragile part of the laptop.

Can the students change the outward appearance of their laptop?

Only the provided identification label should be on the outside of the computer. Students may purchase their own "skins" to use as a protective covering.

How will the school know what students do on the MacBook?

Apple Remote Desktop can be used to watch, block, send messages, etc., at any time students are on the local network.

How will we keep the students safe on the Internet?

We will ensure that Internet access is filtered at school; it is the parents' responsibility to ensure safety at home. We will give parents and students information regarding safety on the Internet, and hope that they will follow our suggestions. We will install monitoring software on all student laptops to observe student use.

What if we suspect or notice abuse or misuse?

Abuse will be physically obvious. Misuse will have to be verified with Apple Remote Desktop. Please do not hesitate to contact a Cool Crew member or administration with these issues. We will not hesitate to take away student laptops to deter future misuse. The length or severity of the punishment will be dependent on the situation. A documentation process will be utilized so that repetitive offenses will be dealt with accordingly.

Where does a student (or teacher) go if he/she needs technical support?

Talk to a Cool Crew member at the end of the class period. Mrs. Dexter will be available 4th and 8th period. Mrs. Pospichal will be available 4th and 6th period.

What if a student's family does not want to participate?

The laptop is a required tool for learning during the school day. If a family does not wish to allow its child to participate, that child will pick up his/her laptop in the morning and check it in at the end of the school day. The check-in site will be the school office. Hopefully, over time, all will see the learning benefits that are possible with 24/7 access and will consider participating.

How much are we required to use the laptops in class?

You are not required to use them. It is an additional teaching tool to assist in the learning process.

How do we "see" what students are doing on their laptops during class?

Teacher proximity is the most efficient way of monitoring student laptop use. Consider seating arrangements where the students' screens are viewable by you as you teach. Walk around the class while laptops are being used.

What if a student forgets his/her laptop at home?

It is the student's responsibility to have the laptop for class when needed. Each individual teacher will have circumstances for his/her classroom.

How do we deal with the power limitations of a laptop?

Students should charge their laptop every night at home and always bring it to school fully charged. A fully charged battery should get at least four hours of use during the school day. Students will carry their power cords with them in their cases and, if needed, could plug into outlets and power strips to charge in any class.

Can students listen to music or check email if finished with all work?

This is a decision left up to the individual teacher. There is a time and a place for headphones as well as a time and place without them. Email should be used for academic-related purposes, and if abused, can be taken away on a student-by-student basis or a blanket policy change. The use of profanity, explicit lyrics, and/or any derogatory language on the school-issued computer is against the School Policy and could be cause for disciplinary action.

Where do students print?

Printers will be designated for student use. Laptop printing will be for academic use only. Any printing for personal use will not be allowed.

Can I students and teachers use the laptop during the summer?

Students will be required to check computers in at the end of the school year. It will be the student's responsibility to back up any files they wish to keep. Teachers will be allowed to keep their computers during the summer.

How will students (and teachers) back up their laptops?

A sync with the server will automatically take place periodically for laptop users which will ensure that their Documents folder has a copy on the server. Music, Movies, and Photos will not be backed up by the server, so it is up to you to back-up with CDs, DVDs, flash drives, etc.

What should students do with their laptops . . .

. . . in between classes? Students will put the laptop to sleep and carry it in the school-issued case.
. . . during PE, etc.? Students will store laptops in the cases, locked in student lockers. (Not allowed in locker rooms.)
. . . on the bus? Laptops should not be taken to school activities unless approved by activity sponsor and a member of the Cool Crew.

What happens if something inappropriate comes up on a student's screen?

Students should close out of the site, note the date and time and notify a Cool Crew member.

Will students have the same laptop year after year?

The answer is yes. Laptops will be on a four-year lease, and each student will be responsible for his/her laptop during the school year. Laptops will be turned in at the end of the school year for cleaning and reformatting for the next year.

Can students take their MacBooks out of town on school trips?

Laptops should not be taken to school activities unless approved by activity sponsor and a member of the Cool Crew. Students must responsibly protect and take care of their laptop even when a teacher is not present.

Can anyone else in a student's family use the laptop?

We encourage the use of the laptops. The students are ultimately responsible for the laptop; remember, all rules apply for family members also.

Can a student use his/her own personal MacBook (or any laptop) at school instead of the school-issued one?

No. At school all will need to use the school-issued computer. This will have the settings, access to the server, and programs needed by the student while at school. The student's personal computer may be used at home, of course.

Are the files on a student's laptop private?

Understand that the laptop a student will be issued is still school property. The use of any district technology is a privilege and not a right. Internet access and email and other media that are accessed created or stored on student computers are the sole property of the district. The district has the right to review these items for appropriateness or to limit or revoke a student's access to them at any time and for any reason.

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